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Autumn Festival 2020
Purpose: To motivate and inspire students of all levels to excel at their instrument and enjoy music making and to provide students with an opportunity to perform and receive an evaluation of their performance.

Qualifications: Students of any age, level, and instrument are welcome to apply. Piano students will be evaluated based on their performance, not on the type of piano or keyboard used, or whether it was recently tuned. For Strings Evaluations: to comply with social distancing mandates, live accompaniment is not required. The teacher and student may select the option best for the student from the options below:

- Live accompaniment - if someone in the household can accompany the student
- Pre-recorded accompaniment or an accompaniment program.
- No Accompaniment
The student's evaluation results will not be affected by the accompaniment choice.

Please, note that this year there will be no ensemble evaluations

Online Festival Procedure: The festival will be held in a series of virtual pre-recorded YouTube playlists. Virtual auditions and evaluations will be held on Sunday November 22, 2020 and will be posted on a private YouTube channel afterwards for a limited duration of two weeks.

After the virtual audition students will receive a certificate of participation, and the judges&apos evaluation. Excellence ribbons will be assigned to students by the following criteria. Piano students who receive an "Excellent" rating from 2 judges will be awarded a ribbon. String students who receive one "Excellent" rating will be awarded a ribbon. All awards and certificates will be given to teachers after the festival.


Application Fee ($30) -- deadline October 31st, submitted by teacher:

  1. Please write the participant's full name on a slip of paper. List all participants if you're registering more than one.
  2. Write one check in the amount of all applicants ($30 x number of applicants) payable to MTAC, Palo Alto Branch and mail the check along with the participants list to:
    Mina Furmansky, 792 W McKinley Ave., Sunnyvale, Ca 94086

Online Application Procedure:

  1. The Application period will open on Nov.1 and close on Nov.10 at 11:59pm PST.
    A link to apply will be posted at and will also be sent to the Palo Alto branch members by email. It can also be accessed through the link below:
  2. Participants will upload a video recording of their performance on YouTube. Please see the note below on how to do this safely.
  3. Last, you'll give us a link to your YouTube recording, some information, and a PDF of the sheet music at the application website.

Participation at the Festival is on a first come first serve basis. Once the total performance time has reached its maximum capacity, subsequent applications will not be accepted.

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